Friday, March 14, 2014

[ssLauncher-Tip] Setting Gestures

Now we review the gestures in ssLauncher, which supports it in some different way from the other launchers.
SsLauncher has two kind of gestures: 'global gesture' and 'shortcut gesture'.

The 'global gesture' can be invoked on any area of the screen.
This consists of the following gestures.

- Swipe down (can be set in preferences) : 'open status bar' in default.
- Double tap (can be set in preferences) : 'nothing' in default.
- Triple tap (can be set in preferences) : 'nothing' in default.
- Pinch in (cannot be set) : open the menu screen
- Swipe up the second touch while holding the first touch on screen (cannot be set) : show up the 'dock menu bar' when it is hidden by checking 'hide dock bar' in preferences.

Hmmm... Too few gestures comparing the other launchers? haha...
Let's start to review the 'shortcut gesture' from now.

First, make a shortcut to 'music' and edit it.

You can set 4 activities for the 4 direction gestures in the 'Gestures'.
For example, we will set an equalizer app for the 'up' direction.

1. Check on 'enabled' for 'Gesture: up'.
2. Select your equalizer app for 'target'.

After applying the changes, you can run the music application by tapping the shortcut and also the equalizer app by swiping up the shortcut. So you can set totally 5 activities for one shortcut in this manner: 'tap' and 4 direction gestures. This is very simple example to use 'shortcut gesture'.

Let's learn more complicated way to use 'shortcut gesture' with the 'pin' feature from now.

1. Create a empty shortcut and 'pin' it.
2. Move and resize the pinned shortcut on the right edge of the screen as the screenshot.

Uncheck 'Clickable' and check 'Invisible when locked' in the configuration screen of the shortcut.

Now assign a web browser for the 'left' direction gesture and apply the changes.
Then, open the menu screen and lock the layout by toggling the 'locker' icon on the left-bottom screen.
The shortcut will be invisible like the screenshot.

Try to swipe left the right edge of the screen. The web browser will run.
This gesture can be invoked on any pages because the shortcut was pinned.
You can define many gestures for any part of screen in this manner. I think this is very strong feature than the other launchers.

How do you think? =)


  1. Very very strong... With dynamic icons and dynamic backgrounds, SSlauncher The Original is unbeatable now!

    I'll will post you my latest and greatest theme asap. Hope you like it ;)

    1. Your app was and is the strongest at the market. But it need time and some know how to use it perfectly. that is the reason why your app is not number one at store. becouse there are so many dumb people they never could do their own user interface with your launchre :( thats sad.

    2. Isabella, this app is for people like you. Don't be sad. =)

  2. very very gooood launcher .if this launcher will have key action , swipe action like ecohome launcher than it Will fuck the rest of the launcher

    1. I will investigate it. Thanks.

    2. plz add application shortcut to home and back key

  3. Vety awesome. I had no idea this was an option. Im revamping my layout again. I am definitely sharing this information.

  4. For some reason I don't have the Triple Tap option under preferences. Was this removed or the option relocated?

    1. The option will be added in the next update.

  5. It's my favorite launcher is Hard to understand the first time but later is great

    1. Thanks. =)
      I'm now preparing the new generation of ssLauncher.

  6. Can't wait! Thanks for everything.

  7. Possible to make a gesture could open "Status bar"

  8. swipe down to open the status bar in the "full screen", as in "Themer" or "Nova launcher".

  9. Replies
    1. Currently, it's not possible. But I will consider it in the next ssLauncher.

  10. I'll wait impatiently. Thank you very much. ssLuncher best.

  11. Hi, please add new gesture - show/hide statusbar in fullscreen mode