Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Fastest Way to Launch It!

Here is my new launcher, which was developed from my experience and philosophy for the home application. This has very neat and simple user interface while its features are incredibly intuitive, efficient, and creative. If you are using it in 30 minutes, you can learn all the features. If you are using it in 3 days, you will be satisfied with its efficiency.


  • Single applications page with high quality big icons

  • Smart sort - analyzes your using patterns by time, location and phone status

  • Voice commands - searching tag, launching app or any other your own task? Just say!

  • Incredibly quick search by initial letter

  • Categorize and search applications with powerful tagging tools

  • More good features
    1. Swiping widgets horizontally
    2. Folder in Dockbar
    3. Many gestures (tap or swipe screen, shake or horizontality of device) 




  1. Congrats on the new one. Trying to figure out how to use it :)

  2. I liked "smart sort" future. We need it immediately for "sslauncher the original"!

    1. I'm fully rewriting the new generation of ssLauncher. It will contain all good features of qLauncher and even more. =)
      However, it will take a few months to be released.

    2. Great to hear! Hoping for a drawer like Action Launcher where I can swype over letters.

  3. Always worth to wait for sslauncher! It is my "one and only" launcher, no alternative ;)

  4. Thank you for new exellent launcher,please,don't stop.
    Some my wishes:
    1.I use qlauncher on tablet ,and I would like to see autorotation, if it possible,now I have to use third party programm for this.
    2.I setup icons scale for maximum,but in open folders the icons size not changed.
    P.S.please, keep placement of icons in open folder in line,this is very nice,for many icons in folder,the horizontal scrolling will be very useful
    3.Gesture to invoke the list of tags cathegories,it is faster.
    4.When we scroll between two widget with different sizes,placed on top of screen, the placement of icons grid is changed in vertical direction,it looks like jump.May be the placement of icons grid has to be defined by widget with maximum size ?
    4.And sometimes, I want to hide "cross" for adding shortcuts (or change it for another sign)

    Besr regards

    1. Thank you for the suggestions.
      1. It's negative because of the widget layout.
      2 ~ 4. I will check it.
      5. lock it to hide it.

  5. 5.Yes,thak you,I found it☺
    1.I think, it is depended from widget,I use eweatherHD,and everything works well in both orientations

    1. Yes, it depends on how to use widget. So it cannot make everyone accept it...

    2. This widget has option to work in landscape mode,I think this is important.Anyway,everthing is ok with qlauncher and widget in landscape mode om my tablet ��

  6. 1. Is it possible to use voice recognition to start programms for two languages ? Some programms on my device have English and Russian names ...
    2. Is it possible to add horizontal scrolling for Dockbar in future ?

    1. 1. It's not possible.
      2. It's negative. You can create folder in the dock bar instead.

    2. 1.I see.OK,it is google...
      2.Yes,now I agree with you

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